The Warrington Transporter Bridge

In October Margaret Ingham, Chair of the Friends of Warrington Transporter Bridge, will be talking about transporter bridges, both the one across the Mersey in Warrington and others across the world.  The Friends act as the independent voice of the bridge, which is the only rail transporter bridge in the world.  Also known as Bank Quay Transporter Bridge or Crossfield’s Transporter Bridge crossing the River Mersey, it is constructed of steel with a span of 200 feet (61 metres).  It was commissioned in 1916 and, although it has been out of use since about 1964, it is still standing.  Come along to our meeting to discover more about this engineering marvel.

Warrington Transporter Bridge

Also at the October meeting we will be selling copies of our new publication, Weaverham Revisited – Glancing Through Time, so you can get ahead on the Christmas present front!

As usual the meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10 October at 7.30 pm at the Weaverham Primary Academy on Northwich Road. Everyone is welcome, no need to book or ask permission, and visitors are charged £3. We are also taking membership fees, which is £15 for the year. A bargain. We look forward to seeing you in October.

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