Weaverham History Society

Weaverham History Society promotes the study of and interest in history and archaeology with particular reference to Weaverham and the surrounding area.

A Street Through Time

To any newcomers to the village it may seem that the High Street has been a steady unchanging presence, a bit like a familiar tune. A wander through the archives offers a different refrain. The society aims to keep an updated photographic record of the village as it evolves and the following will show how change, both major and minor over the years, has impacted on this part of the village.

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The Society, Meetings, Membership, Visits

The Society meets at Weaverham Primary Academy, Northwich Road, Weaverham, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 3BD.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and we invite a guest speaker to talk to us on a topic of historical or archaeological interest, though sometimes the subjects range further afield.  You can see what’s planned on our Programme page.

Membership is £15.00 per year with renewals in September. Payments can be made by BACS sort code 09-01-29 a/c 26685458. Meetings are free to members of the Weaverham History Society, children and students. Visitors are requested to pay £3 at each meeting.

We also organise highly enjoyable visits to local places of interest in spring and summer usually by coach from the village and we seem to have started a tradition of having a yearly canal boat trip as well. The Society normally invests in the services of Blue Badge guides on our visits.  We also have a very enjoyable Christmas event every year, the talk commonly having a seasonal flavour.

We have articles on a range of topics, mainly about Weaverham, but also covering the surrounding areas. Although not a dedicated family history group, we do have some information on local families, and are always interested to hear from you.

We are continually developing our Archives and we have an array of items (objects, maps, and photos).  We are always grateful to receive any contributions.

As we expand our new website you will be able to see some of what we have by visiting our Weaverham Archives page.

The Weaverham History Society also has a Facebook page.

We launched this website in January 2016, but while we move things across you can still find the old website at http://history.weaverham.org.uk/index2015.htm


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Next Meeting

Liverpool Cowkeepers – a family history

After an extremely successful first meeting in September when we returned to face to face meetings at the Weaverham Primary Academy, our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 12 October at 7.30 pm. Once again we will be at the Weaverham Primary Academy and we look forward to seeing you there.

Liverpool Cowkeepers: Amazon.co.uk: Joy, Dave: 9781445663227: Books
Holding on Tight

Dave Joy, a well known speaker from Liverpool, will be describing the life of his family in Liverpool keeping cows in their back yards and selling milk to a rapidly expanding city population. The Joy family came from the upper Wharfedale valley in the Yorkshire Dales and established cowhouses in the Liverpool districts of Wavertree and Garston. They started out as farmers, adapted to become city cowkeepers and then adapted again to become suburban milkmen and they continued in this way of life for several generations, becoming one of the city’s last cowkeeping families.

We look forward to Dave’s talk on 12 October and welcoming you to our meetings once more.

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