Our Publications

Since its formation Weaverham History Society has produced a number of publications.  The details of these are as follows:

As part of the Local Agenda 21 initiative, we helped publish a leaflet :

Weaverham, a walk through the village, its history and ancient woodland.

Compiled by Weaverham History Society. Supported by Cheshire Lanscape Trust, Rural Action for the Environment, Vale Royal Borough Council and Weaverham Parish Council

As part of a Heritage Lottery Foundation funded Oral History Project,  in 2004 Weaverham History Society published “Greetings from Weaverham, An Oral History“.

oral history book front picture

In this book is recorded some of the history of the village of Weaverham as remembered and told by local residents.  As well as photographs extracts have been made from recordings to illustrate different aspects of life in the village and this book provides a distinctive and unusual view of the recent history of the village.

The book is available from Weaverham History Society at a price of £6.95.


The Society has also published “Old Weaverham – A Pictorial History” which contains over 100 photographs of the village with explanatory text.  It is a fascinating view of the village and covers a range of topics from village celebrations and sporting events, farming and the farm houses that existed in the centre of the village plus the buildings and shops that made up the retail sector of village life.  Also included is an overview of health in the village including a snapshot of the well-loved doctor, Joseph William Smith who lived in what is now known as Smith’s Lane.

pictorial history photo of book

Now out of print, copies of this publication are occasionally found on antiquarian internet sites.


Blue Plaque Scheme

blue plaque logo

In 2009 the Weaverham History Society, the Weaverham Trust and Vale Royal Borough Council were responsible, with consent from the owners, for the positioning of 15 [including the church] blue plaques on some of the listed properties in the village.  A leaflet entitled The Blue Plaque Walk has been published which gives a brief description of each property with a suggested 1.3 historic walk through the village.  This leaflet is available [free] from the Weaverham Trust,  Weaverham History Society and the Weaverham Library; you can download the leaflet from this page : Blue Plaque Scheme





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