The Weaverham Archives

The Archives hold a wide variety of historical materials about the village, including:

  • Weaverham: Early History
  • St. Mary’s Church: A History
  • Weaverham Properties
  • Local Families
  • Village Trades
  • Wills/Taxes/Awards
  • Vale Royal
  • Cheshire Miscellany
  • Local Maps

This is a more detailed listing of the material currently held:

I/1GeneralWeaverham General: Miscellaneous Documents
I/2Book/GeneralWeaverham General: C. E. Bebbington's Book
I/3GeneralWeaverham General: Parish / CCC records
I/4Book/GeneralWeaverham General: Cricket Club
I/5GeneralWeaverham General: Register of electors
I/6GeneralWeaverham General: Fever Epidemic 1874
I/7GeneralWeaverham General: Missing
I/8GeneralWeaverham General: Northwich Guardian Extracts
I/9GeneralWeaverham General: Gun Licence Original
I/10General/Map/Plan/AcetateWeaverham General: Maps
I/11GeneralWeaverham General: Weaverham Guide x 2
I/12ProjectWeaverham General: Project
I/13GeneralWeaverham General
I/14GeneralWeaverham General
II/1GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Church Safe Contents
II/2GeneralSt. Mary's Church: History
II/3GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Churchwarden Accounts
II/4GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Graveyard records
II/5GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Pews & Seating
II/6Original/ photocopySt. Mary's Church: Weddings & Burials
II/7Letter/Book Extract/Newspaper/HandwrittenSt. Mary's Church: Vicars
II/8To AddSt. Mary's Church
II/9General/Project/Book/Letter/Newspaper/PlanSt. Mary's Church: Misc.
II/9PlanSt. Mary's Church: Misc.
II/10GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Burial in Wool
II/11GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Charities
II/12GeneralSt. Mary's Church: 1715 Terrier
II/13GeneralSt. Mary's Church: Tithe Field data
III/1GeneralWeaverham Properties:
III/2ParchmentWeaverham Properties: Jonado Bancroft
III/3General/Photo/parchmentWeaverham Properties: Copyhold Cottages
III/4General/ParchmentWeaverham Properties: Forest Street
III/5GeneralWeaverham Properties: Conveyance Gorstage
III/6GeneralWeaverham Properties: Hefferston Grange
III/7GeneralWeaverham Properties: Hodge Lane Plots
III/8General/Parchment/Leaflet/Bookle/PhotoW'ham Properties: Woodward Massey Birtwistle
III/9GeneralWeaverham Properties: Raintub Cottage
III/10General/ParchmentWeaverham Properties: Weaverham Meadow
III/11GeneralW'ham Properties: 3 Station Rd/Stables Court
III/12GeneralWeaverham Properties: Listed Buildings
III/13GeneralWeaverham Properties: Barrymore Institute
III/14GeneralWeaverham Properties: 11 Church Lane
III/15GeneralWeaverham Properties: Pump House Well Lane
III/16GeneralW'ham Properties: SubSt/Pinfold et al.
IV/1GeneralLocal Families:
IV/2General/Leaflet/BookletLocal Families: Memories / recollections
IV/3GeneralLocal Families: John Brunner / Joseph Verdin
IV/4General/PhotoLocal Families: Littlers of Wallerscote / Family Tree / Maps
IV/5General/BookletLocal Families: Rise and Fall of Marshall Family
IV/6General/MapLocal Families: Milton and the Milners
IV/7General/PhotoLocal Families: Johnson / Mills et al.
IV/8General/Photo/NewspaperLocal Families: Dr J. W Smith
IV/9GeneralLocal Families: Wilbraham Family
IV/10GeneralLocal Families: Yarwood Family
IV/11General/Book Cover/Display card/ParchmentLocal Families: Smith Barry Family
IV/12General/PhotoLocal Families: McGregor family
IV/13GeneralLocal Families: Pownall / Woodward Families
IV/14General/Plan/BookLocal Families: Rolls of Honour
V/1General/ParchmentVillage Trades: Local Shops
V/2MapVillage Trades: Gorstage Farm
V/3DrawingVillage Trades: Moreton's Lakehouse Farm
V/4General/Map/LeafletVillage Trades: Marbury / Barrymore Estate
V/5GeneralVillage Trades: Cockfighting 1873
V/6General/PhotoVillage Trades: Local Inns and Ale Houses
V/7General/planVillage Trades: Wheatsheaf Public House
V/8General/BookletVillage Trades: Forest Street School
V/9General/BookletVillage Trades: Weaverham Grammar School
VI/2General/MapWills/Taxes/Awards: I(E)nclosure Awards
VI/3GeneralWills/Taxes/Awards: Hearth Taxes
VI/4General/ParchmentWills/Taxes/Awards: LandTax
VI/5GeneralWills/Taxes/Awards: Residents' Wills
VII/1General/MapMere Estate: Mere House/Mere Brow Estate
VIII/1BookletVale Royal: Armorial Bearings
VIII/2GeneralVale Royal: Legal Statutes 1280 - 1381 / Maps / Villeins
VIII/3GeneralVale Royal: Old Hall 1774
VIII/4GeneralVale Royal: Vale Royal House / Abbey
VIII/5GeneralVale Royal: A49 Bypass
VIII/6GeneralVale Royal:
IX/1GeneralCheshire Misc.:
IX/2BookletCheshire Misc.: "The Engineer" Anderton Boat Lift 1908
IX/3General/Map/LeafletCheshire Misc.: Local Parishes / Names etc.
IX/4BookletCheshire Misc.: Chester Station
IX/5General/LeafletCheshire Misc.: Roman Northwich
IX/6GeneralCheshire Misc.: Customs
IX/7General/BookletCheshire Misc.: Parish Maps / Landscape Trust
IX/8GeneralCheshire Misc.: Ches. Inquisitions / Delamere Forest
IX/9BookCheshire Misc.: Roman Cheshire - Characteristics
IX/10General/BookletCheshire Misc.: Malpas / Farndon / Chester
IX/11GeneralCheshire Misc.: Place Names / Peytefinsty
IX/12GeneralCheshire Misc.: Kingsley
IX/13Booklet/LeafletCheshire Misc.: Little Budworth
IX/14BookletCheshire Misc.: Local Govt. Reviews
IX/15General/BookletCheshire Misc.: Norton Priory
IX/16General/BookletCheshire Misc.: Roman Cheshire / Chester Fair
IX/17BookletCheshire Misc.: Salt & Subsidence
IX/18Bkl./GCheshire Misc.: Tatton Park / WHS Membership
IX/19-68Bkl./GVillage Close
IX/69-78Bkl./GVillage Show
IX/79 onwardsBkl./GCheshire Misc.: various items
X/2Bkl./GCheshire Misc.:
X/3Bkl./GCheshire Misc.:
X/4Bkl./GCheshire Misc.:
X/5Bkl./GCheshire Misc.:
X/6General/LeafletCheshire Misc.:
XIIGeneralCensus/Admin./Awards/Local Authority

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