Liverpool Cowkeepers – a family history

After an extremely successful first meeting in September when we returned to face to face meetings at the Weaverham Primary Academy, our next meeting will be on Tuesday, 12 October at 7.30 pm. Once again we will be at the Weaverham Primary Academy and we look forward to seeing you there.

Liverpool Cowkeepers: Joy, Dave: 9781445663227: Books
Holding on Tight

Dave Joy, a well known speaker from Liverpool, will be describing the life of his family in Liverpool keeping cows in their back yards and selling milk to a rapidly expanding city population. The Joy family came from the upper Wharfedale valley in the Yorkshire Dales and established cowhouses in the Liverpool districts of Wavertree and Garston. They started out as farmers, adapted to become city cowkeepers and then adapted again to become suburban milkmen and they continued in this way of life for several generations, becoming one of the city’s last cowkeeping families.

We look forward to Dave’s talk on 12 October and welcoming you to our meetings once more.

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