Weaverham’s Watery Week

So, last week was very eventful in Weaverham, Acton Bridge and Northwich.  The new flood barriers in Northwich have proved effective against the waters of the River Dane and the River Weaver, and those who were involved in the pumping out of the area have done sterling work.  Great job all round and many thanks from grateful residents.  Now, though, it is said that the problem is the drainage.

In Weaverham we had snow and rain which resulted in part of Sandy Lane being closed due to flooding on Thursday 21 January.   As you head northwards out of  the village, those houses on the right hand side nearest to the River Weaver were flooded, with the waters filling the road, making it impassable.  Two cars were also stranded in the middle of the road.

Fortunately the waters had receded by the following day, Friday 22nd, although Sandy Lane was still closed as the resulting mud on the road surface made it very slippery. 

Also flooded were houses on the A49 nearer to the swing bridge at Acton Bridge.  The Riverside Inn and those houses on the right hand side which back on to the River Weaver, were affected.  The swing bridge has also been closed – it is awaiting safety checks after the water levels rose very high.

By Monday 25th  the roads were open though the swing bridge was still closed as it was awaiting safety checks.  So the clear up continues and we hope that all those residents affected by the waters will be able to speedily get back to normal.

Cheeringly, I spotted these growing on the verge on Well Lane, incredibly early for January.

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