Weaverham News Quiz Results

Here are the answers to the Quiz that can be found in Weaverham News October 2020 .

1 Which Weaverham housing estate is 100 years old this year?

Happy birthday to the Owley Wood estate!

2 What’s the name of the book, written more than 1000 years ago, in which Weaverham is clearly named ?(really? We’ve been here that long? Yes, it’s true)

The Domesday Book, compiled on the orders of King William the Conqueror.

3 Apart from the Internet, where’s the best place to look for information on the History of Weaverham?

Weaverham Library, which has a good collection of books on local history.

4 What is Weaverham’s oldest building, and our only Grade 1 listed building?

St Mary’s Church. The oldest part is the Tower, 600 years old

5 True or False. Evidence of Weaverham’s famous Roman Road can be seen in the Parish.

FALSE. Athough the Roman Road is mentioned by historians, we’ve never found evidence on the ground

6 What is Weaverham’s most famous, authentic fruit?

The Wareham Russet apple, fully recorded in horticultural records.

7 We had a hospital in the village, specially conifigured to care for patients with Tuberculosis. What was it’s name?

Grange Hospital (at Heferston Grange)

8 In World War 2, a bomb fell on Weaverham. What did it demolish?

Nook Farm (near the end of West Road – with people inside!)

9 In the 19th Century, Weaverham had a craftsman, Joseph Blackhurst, whose work is valued today by antique collectors, who is buried in the churchyard. What did he make?

Clocks. There’s one of his clocks in St Mary’s with his name on it.

10 Finally, what’s the name of the black&white thatched house just opposite the petrol garage in the village? Clue – pop along and read the blue plaque but be careful of the traffic.

Poplar Cottage ( see if you can spot the “eyebrow windows”)

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