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The first item below, added to the archive, is a painting showing a part of Weaverham as it was before the turn not of the last century but the one before. It still seems a little strange to think that “last century” now means the Twentieth rather than the Nineteenth. The painting is of the western end of High Street from West Road and shows how that area looked in the 1890s, according to the date on the painting. The artist is identified as “Ida McGregor”. The Society doesn’t know a lot about it although it has in its archive some material relating to the McGregor family who farmed at Crowton Old Hall. That information was supplied by descendants of this family, in particular the Millers. Interestingly the painting shows “Mr. Bradford’s House” and within the McGregor material there is a photo of “Elizabeth Bradford”.
(There is an Ida McGregor referred to in the parish records of Crowton.)

1277403_542502539163918_131614703_oGt Wall

One of the tasks of the Society is to keep a record of changes within the village and currently the photo record is being updated. It is always fascinating to show “Then and Now” contrasts and this painting and the recent photograph helps in that.

As part of this exercise the society was given the opportunity to take some photographs from the tower of St Mary’s and these images on what was a slightly misty day give a sense of what the village looks like from this angle. Thanks are owed to the Reverend Andrew Brown for allowing access and accompanying the group to the top of the ever narrowing staircase!

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