A Street Through Time

To any newcomers to the village it may seem that the High Street has been a steady unchanging presence, a bit like a familiar tune. A wander through the archives offers a different refrain. The society aims to keep an updated photographic record of the village as it evolves and the following will show how change, both major and minor over the years, has impacted on this part of the village.

A recent change has seen the opening of the Star Tea Shop on the corner of Forest Street. It is not the first time liquid refreshment has been on offer at this site as a glance inside would show and in the images below.

The first shows the Star Inn as it was then and below is the landlord (and lady?) William Wood who held the licence from 1903 to 1911.

There has been demolition as well as change of use of buildings over time. The terrace below no longer exists.

Nor does this cottage.

Unfortunately it has been impossible to verify if the information in this document is accurate. It suggests the cottage may have been re-erected in the U.S.A

The interior may have been a little like this.

In 1939 a widening of the High Street was indeed planned as shown in this Compulsory Purchase document.

But the plan as shown is dated 24/6/48. War intervened of course.

And this eventually led to scenes that look more and more familiar.

Nor has there been a lack of danger (excitement?) as this photograph from 1961 shows.

But the street and the village continue their journey.

A Street through Time


M.J. Hornby

J Lunan

The Star Tea Room

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