Gardens in Weaverham

August 2020

Gardens in Weaverham

Well, we have reached August. Our gardens are changing as they progress from Spring to Summer. All the beautiful bulbs, the snowdrops, daffodils, tulips and many more quietly come up year after year to herald Spring. Then, as the leaves begin to clothe the trees the blossom blooms, cherry blossom, Forsythia, lilac, rhododendron and others all decorating parts of the village. As summer approached this year it was heralded by hot sunshine throughout the month of May. The roses, wisteria, lillies, geraniums and more all decided it was bloom or die, so they bloomed! It was lovely to see hanging baskets and pots, packed with plants, carefully watered. Well done to all those who give so much pleasure to those who view.

Gardens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. No matter how large or small it is an extension to your living space. It is more than a view from a window, it is a place to relax, to entertain friends and just to look and think. Lots of our gardens are playgrounds for children. Some have been converted into spaces for cars as the premium for off-road parking increases, especially when older offspring join the driving fraternity with cars and motorbikes.

We are lucky to have lots of green spaces and trees to view as an extension to our vista. Sadly, some trees are at risk when they become too large or are in the way of housing development.

Many older properties in Weaverham have beautiful trees and shrubs clothing their front gardens. They have larger gardens and, maybe, well tended vegetable plots at the back. When the houses were built on the Owley Wood estate a hundred years ago there was land for allotments between the back gardens. Families were encouraged to grow produce, adding to self-sufficiency. Over time these allotmants have been absorbed into existing back gardens.

For the Cheshire Year of Gardens in 2008 the village made a big effort to improve the visual aspect of the village, planting bulbs in the grass verges at the village entrances. Since then the Weaverham Trust has spring planted, and now summer planted the large square planters at the Northwich Road entrance to the village and thanks must go the the members for their hard work in beautifying our surroundings.

Trees play a major part both in our gardens and in the wider village landscape. Owley Wood and the Plantation are ideal for a walk identifying both plants, trees and wildlife.

Lakehouse Field, a tribute to the people of Weaverham who served in the World Wars, is the largest public green space in the village, giving families the opportunity to give their children somewhere to play as an extension to their garden space, and also provides an area for major village functions.

Our garden spaces are valuable however we use them. Back gardens give people the opportunity to put up a shed, maybe a greenhouse, a seating area or a patio. The lawn can be whatever shape and space you have. The choice of plants and colours is endless. Pots and slabs all contribute. Bees, which feed on, and pollinate our plants, are vital for our continued survival.

Give yourselves time to enjoy your garden.

We raise a toast to all of you in the Summer of 2020.

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