The British Long Bow

The next meeting of the Society will be on Tuesday, 14 June at 7.30 pm at the Weaverham Primary Academy, Northwich Road, Weaverham, CW8 3BD.

That evening we will have Bernard Dennis, who is a member of the British Long Bow Society, telling us about the history of the British long bow and the Cheshire and Flintshire bowmen. The talk will cover the development of bows and arrows throughout the ages and their use in hunting, in war and in recreation and is there a connection to the legend of Robin Hood?

Meeting of the Royal British Bowmen in Flintshire. Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 22 October 1842.

Traditional long bows were generally made of yew and were used with wooden arrows. In contrast the modern bow is made of tubular steel and is used with arrows of metal alloy, which has enormously increased the accuracy and distances achieved by archers. But is the modern archer really a better shot than his forebears and how would he (or she) have fared at Agincourt?

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 14 June and perhaps we shall find some answers.

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