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  Weaverham History Society

Family History:

Currently Weaverham History Society can offer only very limited help to those researching their family history. At the moment having your enquiry answered relies on someone happening to know something about the topic of enquiry. Unfortunately that someone is not usually me because I am a relative newcomer to the village ( I have only lived here 25 years! ) so I take your e-mail to the next committee meeting. Three weeks later, at the committee meeting, I ask if anyone can answer your question. If you are lucky someone does know the answer and promises to reply, if not they might suggest someone else in the society who can; the next society meeting is one week after the committee meeting so if they are at the meeting then your message gets passed on.

This is all very hit-or-miss, and takes a long time; it also relies on the goodwill of everyone involved, so I am reluctant to nag people to reply.

However we are in the process of digitising our records. Currently we are scanning the documents that we hold, eventually we hope to convert them to text or transcribe them. Once this is done searching for information should be much easier. But until that work is complete we can offer only limited help.

All the parish records ( the contents of the parish chest ) were passed to Cheshire Records Office http://www.cheshire.gov.uk/recoff/home.htm. The record indexes are searchable on line. There are also records from local solicitors, wills etc. They will also undertake genealogical and historical research on your behalf. They also have a link specifically for tracing your family history http://www.cheshire.gov.uk/familyhistory/

Cheshire Tithe maps online may also be of interresthttp://maps.cheshire.gov.uk/tithemaps/. This site also includes the tithe apportionments .

These links may change. Cheshire County Council ceased to exist on April 1st 2009 when its services and responsibilities transferred to Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council. Cheshire east and Cheshire West and Chester are continuing to update all materials on the Cheshire east and Cheshire West and Chester websites and aim to remove all references to the old Councils by the end of the year (2009).

You might also like to contact the Family History Society of Cheshire, Northwich Group - see http://www.fhsc.org.uk/

If you would like to have your enquiry posted on this website I would be happy to do that.

Weaverham History Society is a local history society, not a family history society, but we are interested in old Weaverham families. If you have researched your family and would care to share it with us we would be delighted to hear from you.

We do have some information about the following families in our archive:

  • John Trickett
  • Littlers of Wallerscote
  • Marshalls of Northwich
  • Milners of Hall Green Farm
  • Johnsons of Weaverham
  • Sarah A. Mills & Joseph Taylor
  • Corker family
  • Bratt, Wilbraham & Bratherton families
  • Rigby family tree 1731
  • Gerrard family tree 1779
  • Frank Buculley
  • Catley family
  • Dr. J.W. Smith
  • The Wilbrahams
  • Yarwood
  • Smith Barry
  • McGregor Old Hall Crowton
  • Woodward
  • Thos. Richardson
  • Cyril Stockton, Joiner, Undertaker
  • Moreton's Farm
  • Burgess

We hope to make this available on-line as the digitising of our archive progresses.